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Showtag Enabled is developed with the viewers in mind. The platform is powerful, user-friendly and built using the latest technologies. Upon signing in, you will be up and running in no time, plus your output is scalable on all platforms. With our feature packed Showtag Enabled tool, we've made it easy to enhance, share and track your videos. Web-based, accessible on desktop, smartphone and tablet. Easy to use and very intuitive – anyone can now empower their videos.

Enhancing viewer experienceAdding additional experiences into a film through skipping intro, displaying metadata and transparent video. A custom designed live poll adds a fun element. Functionality available upon pausing the video.

features used

Branded content shopping experienceProviding branded content partners the ability to directly sell their products from within a TV programme through product tagging. Also providing viewers with an option to sign up to participate.

features used

Direct response advertisingTag products in ads to directly sell them to viewers and close off with the option to collect email addresses. When calling upon additional information about Miranda Kerr, a “making-off” video can be watched video in video.

features used

Content cross promotionLeverage the strength of your content and brand by promoting relevant other content to a captive audience. Use video in video, call to actions, banners and additional info to drive viewership up.

features used

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